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Thursday, 2 January 2014

A tale of AAP, hum, and a trust motion.

Sheila Dixit showed us how graceless she could be when she didn't attend AAP's swearing-in. Harshvardhan cut a real sorry figure at the trust motion. Arvinder Singh Lovely, as bad a ham as any & breathing fire at Aap till yesterday, managed to show some grace at the trust motion and made the best of a bad situation. Arvind Kejriwal showed us what it is to speak with passion, conviction, and above all with endearing humility.

The real worry for the Bjp now is Aap winning seats in the Loksabha. They intend, as media reports will have it, contesting 300 seats. Should they win even a fraction of these seats they can surely play kingmakers or spoilsports - depending upon your perspective.

Food for thought for the Bjp and Ironman-2's (or is that Ironman-3?) fanboys and girls, eh? More the Bjp (and other parties) criticise Aap the stronger the public support grows for Aap. Bjp is now worried if Aap could cut into their voteshare. Aap already may have lured away some of its NRI supporters - that's where their foreign funding has come from for the recent assembly elections.

As for the indian national congress, nothing seems to be working out for them. It has become a classic case of the left hand not knowing, or at least professing not to know, that the right hand has been in the till. Take the Adarsh controversy for example, first, they had the gall to reject the report prepared by its own investigators. Then, upbraided by Rahul Gandhi, they accepted the report in parts and allowed only a few bureaucrats and dispensable party-men to take a fall. They seem to be in a catch-22 situation - damned if they act, damned if they don't. Ek taraf kuan, doosri taraf khaai.

At the time of writing this, Yeddyruppa, that disgruntled BJP veteran with above-reproach standards of probity has come back to the party's fold at Narendra Modi's behest - says something about Modi's concern for the aam aadmi's struggle with corruption in daily life, eh?

Now the Bjp can cry 'corruption hatao' till the gaai-maatas (cows) come home but yeh jo public hai yeh sab jaanti hai - we know they are just talking of UPA's corruption and not their own. Bjp will leave no stone unturned to lure UPA's constituents to the NDA's fold and as we know friends, Indians and countrymen, the UPA constituents - or some of them at the very least - are  a lovely, honest, honourable lot.

As an aside, I can't understand why Aap is allowing veterans from other parties to join them - they can only bring taint perhaps. Then again, what would I know? Am only another aam-aadmi.

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